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Extingshing agent F1230

Physical Properties:

At normal temperature and pressure, F1230 is a colorless transparent liquid, and a highly effectire, safe, environmental and easy to maintenance fire extinguishing agent.
Formula CF3CF2COCF(CF3)2
Molecular weight 316.04
Boiling point (1atm)°C 48-19.2
Freezing point °C -108
Density of saturation (25°C) g/ml 1.60
Density of gas (1atm, 25°C) g/ml 0.0184
The solubility of water in F1230 (25°C)wt% <0.001%
Vapor pressure (25°C) bar(psia) 0.40(5.87)
Insulation strength, 1atm(N2=1) 2.3
ODP 0 GWP 1 Atmospheric lifetime 0.14year

Quality Index:

Item Index
Purity % (m/m) ≥99.5%
Acidity % (m/m) ≤1.2×10-5
Water content % (m/m) ≤0.001%
Evaporation residue % (m/m) ≤0.03%
Suspended solid and precipitant invisible

Application: Perfluoro (2-methyl1-3-Pentanone) is used as fire extinguisher with the advantages of high fire fighting efficiency, no watermarks, no corrosion, low toxicity, strong insulation property, environment friendly and safe, easy storage and transport and low evaporate pressure. It is an ideal substitute for another fire extinguisher, HFC 227ea.

Packing: 250kg/200L drum.